How counselling can help

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My training and practice is humanistic, which means I believe we are unique individuals who have the capacity and inner resources for change.

However, when life feels difficult, for whatever reason, it can seem harder to work out what to do, and to find your way alone.

I can help you explore what’s happening, notice your patterns and gain new insight on the connections between your experiences and the way you feel and act.

This understanding can open new possibilities for change, offer up new choices and get you unstuck.

We respond to our life circumstances in different ways, according to our unique make up. This includes our upbringing, environmental and biological factors. So, although my training and experience gives me ideas about what can help people move through anxiety, bereavement, anger, shame, abuse, depression or relationship breakdown, I don’t make assumptions about what you as an individual may need. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, rather I work with you to find what is helpful for you.

How I will work with you

I offer you a safe, confidential space to explore what is happening in your life. This is mostly through talking about, and reflecting on, feelings and experiences, but if you find it helpful to write things down, draw, or use images and objects we can include that as well.

Some clients know exactly where they want to start but for others it is not so clear, so don’t worry if you feel unsure about where to begin or what you’ll say. I can guide you to make a start, and work with you to find a way of expressing what you want to explore, understand or change.

What I will not do is tell you what to talk about, or try to make you talk about things you don’t want to talk about. We will take it at your pace.